The customer is key

Solving the problem

IWC does not simply deliver single cleaning units, rather it solves problems of its clients, throughout an extensive customer approach. To start with, IWC analyses the current cleaning process and advices on minimizing water and energy consumption and waste water production.

The whole cleaning process

This is done during an audit, analyzing the process using the SMED principles and water measurements. This results in an initial proposal for improvements on the full cleaning process. After discussing this with the customer, a final proposal is made including calculation of ROI and quotations.

Additional advantages

The ROI calculations take into account additional advantages of the Undine® technology such as reduced labour- water- and energy costs, lower weight loss of the products and shorter changeover times.

Full solution

IWC also implements the full solution, including fine tuning of individual units and servicing – as far as needed. Thus, IWC delivers solutions rather than parts.


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