Quick return on your investment

Most benefits of Undine boil down to considerable cost savings. These include:

  • up to 70 percent lower water and (often) energy consumption
  • up to 70 percent less waste water contaminated with cleaning chemicals and dirt
  • up to 60 percent lower labour cost due to automation of cleaning
  • less recleaning and product loss due to improved effectiveness and fewer ‘forgotten corners’
  • lower product loss as drying out is prevented by a fine layer of water droplets
  • reduced equipment damage
  • extremely low maintenance cost for cleaning

Currently, ROI in Undine systems varies between only three months to two years, depending on the application. Water- and energy cost are expected to increase in coming years, as well as labour cost and expenses for waste water disposal. These trends will make Undine more profitable even faster. But there is no need to wait for that!


ID-NL Innovation of the year award


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