Blue Fifty: »With Undine® we have already saved 350,000 M3 of water»

20 octubre, 2020 Twan Koenen

Blue Fifty operates in various sectors, including agriculture, industry and environmental engineering. They specialise in the application of innovative technologies and, together with various international partners, they are introducing these to the Polish market. Blue Fifty wants to create a fully circular economy by 2050 in which the negative impact of human activities on the environment is drastically reduced. The name »Blue Fifty» encompasses this idea that shapes their entire operation.

Blue Fifty has been a partner of IWC International for more than three years now. CEO Ralph Koekkoek came into contact with Ton Winters of IWC at a trade fair and was immediately convinced of the potential and benefits of IWC’s unique Undine® technology. He also immediately saw the opportunity to supply Undine® to the Polish poultry sector, the largest in Europe.

Blue Fifty is a household name in the Polish poultry sector

Meanwhile, Blue Fifty is a true household name in the Polish poultry sector and has supplied Undine® to the largest poultry processing plants in Poland. Well-known plants such as SuperDrob, Stasin, Bomadek, Animex and Lukta Prosper are all very satisfied with their services, as Blue Fifty has collected a special collection of praising reference letters. They accompany poultry plants throughout the entire process and take full care of them. They offer tailor-made total cleaning solutions and are 100% committed to achieving the best possible cleaning results.

IWC and Blue Fifty: a successful collaboration

The Undine® technology saves 70% of water and reduces pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella, campylobacter and listeria. Hence, Sales Manager Jakub Siudyła of Blue Fifty is very enthusiastic about Undine®:

«It’s hard to believe that such a simple technology can have such a huge impact. It reduces pathogenic bacteria and thanks to Undine® we have already saved 350,000 cubic metres of water. In addition, we use fewer chemicals. The Undine® technology enables us to increase food safety and food quality. In times of COVID-19, this is of course a more important issue than ever before».

They are also very enthusiastic about IWC as a partner. CEO Ralph Koekkoek:

»Undine® is not only a great technology, IWC also has great people. IWC’s service level is fantastic. Ton and Twan really think along with us and together with them we have improved hygiene in the Polish poultry sector enormously. It is also great to see that IWC has really taken steps in recent years as a company, for example in terms of international marketing activities. We recommend everyone to work together with IWC».

We are still looking for dealers

Over the past 15 years IWC International has grown enormously in sales, technological developments and we have established several international partnerships. Our Undine® technology has become a household name in the poultry sector. Meanwhile, in cooperation with our partners, we have already saved millions of cubic meters of water for our customers. Would you like to benefit from all the benefits Undine® has to offer as well? Become an expert and get on board.

The advantages as Undine® dealer

  • You make the difference with Undine® technology
  • We turn our dealers into Undine® technology experts
  • All requests go to you as a dealer
  • You have exclusivity in your region/country
  • You can offer free test stands to customers
  • We fully support you in sales & marketing activities

Would you like to become a dealer or learn more about Undine® technology? We would be happy to discuss this with you, without obligation. Please feel free to contact us.

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