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A flying Dutch start

It all started with leek. Ton Winters, founding father of IWC, stood in his leek factorie contemplating a direct threat on his farm. The local council was about to refuse him a permit as he used too much water for cleaning his produce. Then an air compressor broke and started spraying a mixture of water and air. Rather than despair at so much misfortune, Winters spotted an opportunity. Could this spray be used for cleaning with less water?

Winters soon realized he was onto something big. He developed and patented his idea and founded IWC with Tjerk Nijdam. He now no longer is a vegetable grower, but an internationally successful entrepreneur. His technology has many applications, still including many in vegetables and fruits and food production.

Some examples of the benefits

Fruit & vegetables: Undine® increases product cleanliness, hygiene and therefore also shelf life. Also, it causes less damage to the produce, while using substantially less water than high pressure cleaning. The technology works fine on carrots, leek, lettuce, endive, oranges, green beans and other fruits and vegetables.
Freezing belts: Reducing both down time and labour cost with Undine®.
Crate, rod wash: Improved cleaning with up to 65 percent less water usage.

For potatoes, two addition applications are of interest

Pre rinse: A pre rinse of the potatoes after barrel washing slashed water consumption with up to 70 percent, while ensuring that less soil reaches the blanching equipment.
Starch: Using Undine® in starch estrangement reduces starch caramelizing while improving hygiene and reducing the amount of water used.


ID-NL Innovation of the year award


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