Cleaning up to modern standards

Incorporating Undine® technology in food machinery will increase its value considerably. Hygiene is a constant worry in food production, low water and energy consumption are becoming more important every day. Undine® can yield better hygiene while using less water and energy. Additional benefits can be: less product damage, less drying losses and longer shelf life. Labour is often reduced and labour conditions improved.

Often, Undine® is retrofitted in existing food plants. Obviously, incorporating it in critical machinery at the first place will yield optimal results. Undine® is an innovation that suits well with the many other innovations in food production. It brings cleaning up to the high standard that is now achieved for so many other processes. Consequently, a growing number of OEM’s are applying Undine® technology as a standard in their food processing equipment. An opportunity that should not be missed.

Undine is a.o. applied by OEM’s like Meyn Food Processing, CFS, MPS, NAWI and many others.


ID-NL Innovation of the year award


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