Pork: Undine® prevents drying losses

The three major benefits of the Undine® cleaning and spraying technology are:

  1. prevention of drying losses of the meat during production
  2. up to 75% cost savings in water and energy
  3. improved hygiene

The award winning Undine® innovation uses pressurized water and air to create very fine droplets that leave the nozzle at an incredible 900 kilometers per hour. The fine droplets cling to the meat, forming a protective layer against drying. At increased rate, the huge number of fine droplets blast away all dirt, including even germs. The mixing process helps to bring down the water consumption very dramatically.

Undine® has now been applied successfully at different pork plants including Vion, Compaxo and Stegeman. It proves to be particularly valuable in a number of production steps.

Some examples

Stables: Undine® tranquillizes the animals, moisturizes them and improves hygiene while using 35 percent less water than traditional systems.
Slaughtering: Constant cleaning quality of shackles and improved hygiene in organ cleaning and on intestine plates.
Cooling: Drying losses of carcasses cleaned with Undine® are reduced by 0.4-1.0 percent, increasing total sales by the same number. Meat and bones appear fresher after Undine® treatment.
Deboning: Conveyor belts are cleaned with custom made bars, guaranteeing a constant quality with water savings upwards of 75 percent and reduced labour cost of more than 50 percent.
Crates: Save up to 65 percent water and improve hygiene at the same time with Undine® in the crate washer.


ID-NL Innovation of the year award


Water Alliance
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