Undine Reference Case: Poultry

GPS-Nunspeet: water savings of 60.000 m³ p/year and improved hygiene

Water savings of about 230.000 liter per day while improving hygiene with a factor five or more. That is what IWC achieved with Undine at the poultry slaughterhouse of GPS, Nunspeet, The Netherlands. Technical Manager Herman Franken: "The system operates perfectly and uses as little water as possible".

GPS strives to be a green company, reducing its energy consumption and waste water flow. IWC was brought in for this purpose. Franken: "An audit by IWC showed that the largest problems existed in the ready-to-cook production department." This section typically uses a lot of water.

IWC did a pilot with Undine® to investigate the added value of this cleaning system. GPS was very happy with the results and decided to implement Undine® systems throughout both ready-to-cook sections. For instance, Undine® systems were placed for skolder and defeathering, in the in/outside washers, in the eviscerator and in the cropping machine and also in the receiving area and slaughtering hall.

This resulted in an impressive water saving of 8000 liter per hour per line, even though in some applications somewhat more water was used to obtain better hygiene. For instance, in cleaning the offal crates.

And this worked out perfectly. The total number of bacteria and that of potentially pathogenic entero's is typically 5-10 times lower with Undine units installed, as compared to standard cleaning. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) stated that it had never seen such clean crates. Even the smallest corners are cleaned. Franken: "While saving up to 70 percent on cost, we actually improved product quality and hygiene." GPS was audited and awarded by Mc Donalds with the high B-grade.

Some examples of applications of Undine® at GPS

  • An additional wash cabinet after defeathering separates the dirty section of skoldering and defeathering from the cleaner ready-to-cook sections. This is essential for good hygiene
  • Two Undine Bi-Turbo's on the eviscerator ensure a clean product
  • The brush for clening offal trays was replaced by a Undine 4-mixing chamber to obtain much better hygiene
  • Replacement of original nozzles by Undine devices in the cropper, the neck breaker, the neck skin trimmer and lung suction unit
  • In the washing cabinet, an Undine Tri-Turbo unit was placed for cleaning the outside of the birds. An Undine Quatro-Turbo unit, installed on the original piping, ensures the cleaning of the insides


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