HD Outside bird washer behind plucking (XL) – PL012 Request quote

HD Outside bird washer behind plucking (XL) – PL012

Article number: HD.1700.BHPL.2x4.XL

This outside bird washer can be used after plucking. You can use this outside bird washer to clean hens, roosters and ducks quickly and thoroughly before they go to the vent cutter. To avoid contamination, it is important that you clean the product immediately after plucking. Otherwise, the pores will close and it will no longer be possible to achieve the same cleaning results.

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  • Excellent hygienic performance
  • 50% saving on water
  • Less feathers and visual contamination before the evisceration
  • Capacity up to 15.000 birds per hour
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Not just high pressure

Clean the most delicate products