Cleaning Conveyor Belts

Cleaning conveyor belts

Notoriously difficult to clean: conveyor belts. Dirt hides between the links, under the belt and behind bars. Water sprays due to high pressure cleaning cause cross contamination of cleaned parts and of surrounding equipment. No more!

The Undine Turbo units solve this problem once and for all. Water is sprayed continuously from above and below: no part can be missed. The fine droplets reach even the smallest crevices for a good deep clean. And due to these small droplets, cross contamination from the ceiling is prevented.

undine® Technique
Watch the movie and see how it works

Both the inside and the outside of the conveyor belts are thoroughly cleaned. Using considerably less water.

Cleaning units can be completely automated with PLC to run only on scheduled moments. One-way valves and stopcocks are standard parts to ensure safe operation.


ID-NL Innovation of the year award


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