Undine® Spray Units

Standardized spraying force

Need to clean an area of 3 meters wide? No problem! Undine Manifolds are supplied containing several mixing chambers and nozzles. In this modular system, manifolds of 20 centimeter up to 3 meter are available. Straight, square or round. Made to fit for each application.

To operate these Manifolds, water pressures between 2 and 120 bar can be used, however in general 10-40 bar is sufficient. Air pressure should be around 6-8 bar. Typically, water and air are available in factories of sufficient pressure and quality.

Afraid this is not sufficiently effective? Try the Undine Turbo system, where the combined force of up to seven mixing chambers is used. End nozzles are placed for optimal cleaning of wide surfaces like conveyer belts. Anything can be cleaned, better then ever before.


ID-NL Innovation of the year award


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