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Genius products invented by accident. Everyone uses them once in a while. Think about the microwave, penicillin and champagne. But the Undine® can also be included in this illustrious list. The Undine® has already saved millions of cubic metres of water. But how did it all start?

The local municipality did not want to grant Ton Winters an environmental permit anymore. His farm used too much water. When an air compressor broke down and started spraying a mixture of water and air, Ton came up with an ingenious idea. Could he rinse his leeks with less water? It turned out to be a hit, and Undine® was born.

”Making cleaning easier and more sustainable all over the world”

Achieve better cleaning results with less water and energy. We want to set a new standard in hygiene with the Undine® cleaning technology.

About us


We saved over 100 million m³ water for our customers with Undine® technology.

All in One Solutions

We improve your cleaning process from start to end.


Achieving huge water and energy savings. That is what gives us energy.


Every day we try to further improve our cleaning technology.

IWC makes the difference

We are passionated about our profession. Better cleaning than ever before and at the same time achieving enormous water and energy savings. That’s what we fight for every day. We can really help you move forward. Every day we look for ways to do even better.

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We have already saved millions of cubic metres of water for our customers. Would you also like to improve your cleaning process and save up to 70% on your water and energy costs? Contact our experts and we will offer you a tailor-made solution.

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