The Undine® technology achieves much better cleaning results
and you can save up to 70% on your water



Why do Poultry slaughterhouses choose Undine?

Many Poultry slaughterhouses are looking for a complete solution for thoroughly cleaning and careful humidification before chilling of the delicate products. IWC’s unique Undine technology offers the ideal application for all process steps during slaughter. The mixture of compressed air and water offers numerous advantages over conventional cleaning during the entire process.

  • Better cleaning: Undine cleans much more thoroughly and intensively than conventional cleaning methods.
  • Water and energy savings: With Undine you can save up to 70% on your water and energy consumption.
  • Labour savings: With Undine, labour-intensive manual cleaning of your product carriers is no longer necessary. This will save you up to 90% in labour costs.
  • Less damage and higher yield: With Undine, vulnerable products are less likely to be damaged during cleaning, which means significantly less product loss and unsaleable products, and therefore a much higher yield. Product carriers (e.g. your cooling hooks) can also be damaged by high water pressures, making it more difficult to clean your hooks properly.

A cleaning moment for every processing step

The better the removal of dirt and bacteria during a process step, the less likely it is that bacteria and visual contaminations will cause cross-contamination further down the process and eventually end up in or on the end products. We offer cleaning steps that are applicable to all departments of the slaughtering process. Choose above the department where you are currently experiencing cleaning problems and find out about IWC’s matching solutions to solve your problem.

These poultry slaughterhouses are already using Undine

Add up all these benefits and you will understand why so many renowned poultry slaughterhouses worldwide already use IWC Undine cleaning systems. Some of our references are the slaughterhouses of Storteboom, Artislach, Clazing, Avara Foods, Plukon, Borgmeijer, Emsland Frischgeflügel and Wiesenhof. Are you one of the next to switch to Undine?

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