Conveyor belt cleaning: better results with Undine®

16 July, 2019 Ton Winters

Nowadays, conveyor belts are often cleaned manually. This is not only a dreadful and dangerous job. It is also almost impossible to clean conveyor belts by hand. In this article you will discover how to clean conveyor belts much better and faster and at the same time save up to 70% on your water and energy consumption.

Conveyor belts in the food industry

Within the food processing industry, conveyor belts are used to transport products. Cleaning conveyor belts is essential for food safety. You can treat a product as hygienically as you wish. If your conveyor belt is dirty, you still have a problem.

For a correct alignment and propulsion of conveyor belts, it is also very important that they are clean. Dirt, grease, rust, oil and residues from transported products can cause operational problems. In addition, it can significantly shorten the life of the conveyor belt.

Conveyor belts notorious in the world of cleaning

Conveyor belts are notorious when it comes to cleaning. Dirt hides in the links, under the belt and behind carriers. It is almost impossible to clean conveyor belts by hand. High-pressure cleaning on the other hand causes an aerosol that can re-contaminate the cleaned parts of the belt and pollute everything in the environment.

Six advantages of Undine® conveyor belt cleaner:

Water and air are mixed under pressure in the Undine® mixing chamber. This results in an excellent cleaning method with extremely low water consumption. The Undine® technology cleans even the dirtiest conveyor belts perfectly with much less water and energy. Below you will find six advantages of the Undine® conveyor belt cleaner.

1. Extremely high Return on Investment (ROI) 

The Undine® has a very high ROI. In practice, the investment in Undine® pays for itself within three months and two years. This depends on the application.

2. Fully automatic cleaning

The Undine® conveyor belt cleaner cleans the inside and outside of the belt fully automatically. In addition, the system automatically switches itself on and off. Moreover, check valves and ball valves are built in to guarantee safety. After cleaning, the Undine® technology can also dry the belts quickly and easily. This is done by blowing only air instead of air and water.

3. Huge water and energy savings

The Undine® technology uses much less water than manual high-pressure cleaning. This saves up to 70% on your water and energy consumption. In addition, you reduce your use of chemicals. Because less water is used, less chemicals are needed. After all, the ratio of chemicals in the water remains the same. Good for the environment and your wallet!

4. Saving on personnel costs

Conveyor belts are generally cleaned manually. This is not only a daunting task. Production even has to be stopped in order to be able to clean the belts. With the Undine® conveyor belt cleaner this comes to an end and conveyor belts are cleaned fully automatically.

5. Preventing recontamination

Not a single part of the conveyor belt is missed. The tiny needles of water reach every nook and cranny at high speed for a thorough deep cleaning. Dispersion of aerosols is prevented.

6. Custom solutions

Conveyor belts are often custom made. Therefore, every belt is different. That is why we have custom solutions. Together with you, we look for the best approach. Then we make a proposal, including the ROI, payback period and a quotation.

We know which solution is right for you

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