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29 June, 2019 Ton Winters

Crate washers are essential for food safety and indispensable in the food industry. You can treat a product as hygienically as possible. If you put it in a dirty crate, you still have a problem. But normal crate washers are often unable to clean crates properly. Moreover, they use an enormous amount of water and energy. In this article you will discover how you can clean crates much better and at the same time save up to 70% on your water and energy consumption.

What are crate washers?

Crate washers are machines that clean crates. Crates used in the food industry can get very dirty. Think of a crate in which chicken meat has been marinated for a week. It is of course very important that these crates are properly cleaned.

But conventional crate washers are often unable to clean crates properly. As a result, crates often have to pass through the machine several times in order to be cleaned properly. Or the crates have to be cleaned manually again. In the worst case, crates cannot be cleaned at all. In addition, traditional crate washers use an enormous amount of water and energy. A water consumption of tens of thousands of litres per hour is common. And of course all this water has to be heated as well. The Undine® technology puts an end to all these problems.

The Undine® crate washer cleans faster and better

The Undine concept is simple, the effect is enormous. Water and air are mixed under pressure in the Undine® mixing chamber. The result is an excellent cleaning method with extremely low water consumption. The Undine® technology cleans even the dirtiest crates perfectly with much less water and energy. Below you will find six of the advantages of the Undine® crate washer:

1. Extreme cleaning power

The Undine® crate washer cleans much better and faster than conventional crate washes. The radius of the Undine® is much more powerful. This is due to the Undine® technology whereby water and air are mixed under pressure in the Undine® mixing chamber.

2. Extreme high Return on Investment (ROI) 

The Undine® crate washer has an extremely high Return on Investment. In practice, the investment in Undine® pays for itself between three months and two years. This is partly due to the enormous savings on water, energy and personnel costs.

3. Huge water and energy savings

With Undine® technology, you can save up to 70% on your water and energy consumption. For one customer, we have even reduced water consumption from 1800 to 180 litres per hour. In this way, you also reduce your use of chemicals. Because less water is used, less chemicals are needed. After all, the ratio of chemicals to water remains the same. Good for your wallet and the environment!

4. Great savings on personnel costs

The Undine® technology reduces your need of staff. With normal crate washers, crates often have to be cleaned manually. With our crate washers, crates become perfectly clean. Manual labour is no longer necessary. Count from your profits.

5. Enormous capacity

We supply complete crate washers with a capacity of 600 to 3000 crates per hour. Together with you we look for the best solution.

6. No maintenance

Conventional systems quickly become clogged up by the lime in the water. The Undine® technology, which mixes water and air under high pressure, ensures that this does not happen. The Undine® are therefore (almost completely) maintenance-free.

7. Custom solutions

The Undine® system can also be installed in existing crate washers. This allows you to benefit from all of the above advantages while maintaining your existing infrastructure.

We also have the right solution for you

Do you want to clean your crates better, faster and cheaper? Do not hesitate and contact us via this form or call +31 (0) 527 745 932. Together with you, we will look for the best solution. Then we will make a proposal, including the ROI, payback period and a quotation.

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