Count your chickens: use Undine®

The poultry industry uses a lot of water, energy and labour for cleaning products, machines and packaging. Undine® technology has proven to be a valuable cleaning innovation, reducing all these expenses.

It can be applied in almost all production steps, from crate cleaning up to neck skin trimmers and conveyor belts. Valuable savings on water, energy and labour are observed in each step. Often, hygiene and product quality show a substantial improvement. Check the benefits table for the main benefits of using Undine® in each production step.

IWC can detail the potential of Undine® for any production facility, including a realistic estimate on the return of investment. This takes into account that cleaning is quicker, therefore production loss is smaller, while less man-hours are needed.

Not taken into account are the effects on sick leave and worker efficiency, although the improved labour conditions – lower physical work load and less aerosols - are expected to have a positive effect.

Undine® systems run effortless at the sites of poultry slaughtering houses of Storteboom, Artislach, Vleesch du Bois, Volys Stars, GPS, Emsland Frischgeflügel, Wiesenhof etc.

Some examples

Receiving area: Use Undine® for crates and containers to improve cleaning and disinfection.
Slaughtering: Save up to 65 percent of water in the slaughtering department.
Evisceration: Undine® improves product quality and hygiene while saving water.
Deboning: Custom made applications are available for every type of conveyor belt.
Packaging: Energy savings can mount up to 65 percent in crate washing.


ID-NL Innovation of the year award


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