Moistening retrofit Bi-Turbo cooling area – PL039 Request quote

Moistening retrofit Bi-Turbo cooling area – PL039

Article number: CA.RETROBI.1x2-1

The Undine® technology gives you the best results in terms of humidification during cooling. Throughout the cooling process after slaughter, there is a constant misting of miniscule water droplets. This prevents dehydration and cools the product down to the desired temperature more quickly. The Retro Bi-Turbo can be installed on all existing systems of Meyn and Stork. Our system saves 50% on water consumption compared to conventional systems.

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  • Excellent moistening performance
  • Faster cooling & less dehydration losses
  • 50% saving on water
  • Capacity up to 15.000 products per hour
  • Fits on all Meyn & Stork moistening system cabins
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