Undine® Technique

Benefits from innovation in cleaning

The idea of Undine is simple, its effect huge. Mix water and air in a mixing unit to produce fine droplets. Expel these under high pressure. And with very little water, you’ve created an excellent cleaning method.

Key to the success is the incredible velocity of the tiny droplets: 900 kilometers per hour, 6 times faster than traditional high pressure cleaning. Each droplet hammers away the dirt.

Each spot on the surface is hit many times, finally removing even germs. But each droplet has too little power to damage the surface. Meat and machines remain intact, even soft vegetables survive undamaged.

The result: up to ten times more hygienic cleaning with up to 70 percent water savings. And equal energy savings with hot or cooled water.

Finally, labour cost are greatly reduced by automation. Together, this results in an ROI of between three months to two years.


ID-NL Innovation of the year award


Water Alliance
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