Dehydration losses: reduce them easily with Undine®

29 June, 2019 Ton Winters

After slaughter, the meat immediately goes into the cooling to get it below 7 degrees Celsius as soon as possible. According to the law, meat may only be processed when that temperature has been reached. During this cooling process, the meat dries out. This causes the product to lose weight.

You can use the Undine® to moisturize carcasses after cleaning. This way you can prevent drying losses and cool down the meat more quickly. Experience shows that the payback period of a Undine® system is on average four months. In this article you will find out how the Undine® technology can help you to reduce drying losses and speed up the cooling process.

The Undine® technology

Water and air are mixed under high pressure in the Undine® mixing chamber. This does not only create a superior cleaning method with extremely low water consumption. These microscopic water droplets also guarantee the best results in terms of moisturization. Throughout the cooling process after slaughter, there is a constant misting of miniscule water droplets. This allows you to prevent dehydration. In addition, the product cools down to the desired temperature more quickly.

Prevent dehydration losses with Undine®

At one pig slaughterhouse where we implemented the Undine® , there was an average drying loss of 0.54% during the cooling process after slaughter. With the Undine® technology, we have converted this to a weight increase of 0.1%. This represents a net weight increase of 0.64%. In addition, the Undine® saved another 0.23% on drying losses during the long-term storage of the products. This means a total reduction in dehydration losses of 0.87%.

Enormous savings

This is, of course, the law of large numbers. This slaughterhouse had 1.5 million kilos of slaughtered meat per day and an average selling price of 1.5 euros per kilo. A decrease of 0.87% in the loss of drying came down to a saving of almost 20,000 euros per day.

No clogging

A number of companies already use conventional systems to prevent drying losses. The main problem is that these systems get clogged up by the lime in the water. As a result, less water is gradually coming out of the spray nozzles. As a result, the loss of drying out gradually increases. Initially, for example, there is a drying loss of 0.28%. But after 14 days this has already risen to 0.8%. An increase of no less than 186%. 

Less personnel expenses

The technical service had to clean the nozzles every 14 days to reduce the drying losses to 0.28%. Six to eight men spent a whole Saturday on this annoying task. Thanks to the Undine® technology, there is no lime formation at all. So there is no need to clean anymore. As you can imagine, this saves a great deal on personnel expenses.

Faster cooling of products

You can cool down the meat faster with the Undine®. Trough the miniscule droplets of water heat is better extracted from the slaughtered product. In this case study a time saving of more than 2 hours has been realized.


Do you also want to prevent drying losses? Do not hesitate and get in touch with us. You can also call +31 (0) 527 745 932. Together with you we will look for the best solution. Then we will make a proposal, including the ROI, payback period and a quotation.

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