Undine® Mixing Chamber

Undine® mixing chamber

Small and secure

The Undine® mixing chamber mixes air and water to produce the fine droplets that clean so effectively. The units are so small that they can be installed in almost any production line or machine. Typical measurements are 20x45x85 mm (outside). This easily fits in bottle filling machines, industrial washers and conveyor belts.

Every corner cleaned

Each mixing chamber can be equipped with two nozzles. These can be placed in any direction, allowing cleaning of small holes, corners, edges and other risk areas. It is also possibly to install the end nozzle on a tube, well away from the mixing chamber. No corner can escape the Undine cleaning action.

Self cleaning system

The chamber and nozzle will not become obstructed when clean water and air are used. The extreme velocity of water and air in the chamber simply does not allow dirt to settle. The system is self cleaning and very robust.


ID-NL Innovation of the year award


Water Alliance
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