Shackle cleaning: Do you already wash your shackles 100% automatically?

16 September, 2019 Ton Winters

Do you have a problem with cleaning shackles in your company? Shackles always hang in the line above your end product. If the shackles are not clean, they can greatly increase the risk of contamination of your end product.

All too often shackles are still cleaned by hand. However, it is almost impossible to clean them perfectly manually. Moreover, it is a terrible job, which requires an enormous amount of personnel. In this article you will find out how to clean hooks fully automatically and at the same time save up to 50% on your water and energy consumption. Also make sure you also look at the positions where our hook cleaners can be used.

Undine® technology

Cleaning shackles becomes an ‘easy task’ when you let the Undine® technology do the dirty work. The Undine® technology mixes water and air under pressure in the Undine® mixing chamber. This creates a superior cleaning technology. Not only can you use this technology to wash shackles, but also conveyor belts, finished products and crates. Furthermore, Undine® can be connected to almost any common water pressure.

Automatic shackle cleaning

With the Undine® technology, you can perfectly clean all shackles used in slaughterhouses. In combination with a specially designed second generation PLC and automatic foamer, you can also clean shackles fully automatically. So not only do you save up to 50% on your water. The water consumption of the Undine® hook cleaners is only around 20 litres per minute. You also save enormously on your energy consumption and personnel costs.

Brushes are no longer needed

The Undine® shackle cleaner can be installed as a stand-alone unit or in combination with your existing brush systems. Even without brushes, you can achieve superior cleaning results. In fact, the Undine® technology cleans so well that brushes are unnecessary and even do more harm than good. Brushes themselves are also a source of bacteria, because they are in continuous contact with the hooks.

Enormous savings in personnel costs

As mentioned before, shackles are still often cleaned by hand. You can therefore save up to 100% on your personnel costs if you opt for fully automatic cleaning. Not only can you easily achieve superior cleaning results with lower water and energy consumption. You will also make huge savings on your personnel costs. With automatic cleaning, your cleaning staff suddenly have more time to do other time-consuming tasks.

We have the right solution

Do you also want to wash shackles fully automatically and save on water, energy and personnel costs? Please contact us using this form. We also do custom work. With our many years of experience, we can also give you specific advice when you have another type of hook that you want to have cleaned.

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