Whitepaper: The economic benefits of improved hygiene in Poultry processing

15 June, 2022 Twan Koenen

This whitepaper describes the economic aspects of good hygiene and how to implement improvements in poultry processing. It describes the financial consequences of poor hygiene and how a proper implemented hurdle concept can improve hygiene and operational performance.

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This Whitepaper will give you the tools to increase hygiene in Poultry processing and how you will financially benefit from it. Higher product quality and longer shelve life gives you an advantage towards your competitors. Your current hygiene standard will be even higher against a much lower water consumption.

Contents of the Whitepaper

  • How hygiene is contributing towards your results
  • The hygiene aspect of poultry processing: a hygiene process approach
  • Hurdle to Hurdle poultry hygiene by IWC-International
  • Undine microdroplet technology
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