Reducing rejections by replacing inside/outside washer

29 May, 2024 Guy Ackermans

A customer in Germany reported issues with cleaning their chickens. The customer had recently received a substantial bill for standard major maintenance on their rotating Inside/Outside washer, but even after maintenance, the cleaning results were unsatisfactory.

We installed our Undine® Inside/Outside washer behind their rotating OEM washer at the customer’s site. The cleaning results improved significantly immediately. In fact, the improvement was so notable that the customer soon removed the rotating OEM washer from their line in favor of the Undine® Inside/Outside washer.

The customer cited three primary reasons for this decision:

  1. Significant water savings: Their old rotating OEM washer consumed 15,000 liters per hour, while the Undine® Inside/Outside washer only used 6,300 liters per hour.
  2. Lower maintenance costs: The maintenance of their rotating OEM washer amounted to an average of €8,000 per year, compared to only €450 per year for the Undine® Inside/Outside washer.
  3. Contactless cleaning: The customer was particularly pleased that the Undine® Inside/Outside washer cleans without contact, unlike the rotating OEM washer, which risks cross-contamination as it clamps and processes the chickens. At high line speeds, many chickens come into contact with the same part of the device. If this part is contaminated with bacteria, the bacteria are further spread along the line.

The customer did not even include additional benefits such as significantly lower energy consumption and reduced wastewater costs in their calculations. The payback period for the Undine® Inside/Outside washer for this customer was only 2.5 months.

Replacing OEM Inside/Outside washers pays for itself

We have also replaced rotating OEM washers with the superior Undine® Inside/Outside washers in other countries (Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK), due to the excellent cleaning results and short payback period. Notably, the age of the rotating OEM washers we are replacing is decreasing. We are now replacing rotating OEM washers that are less than two years old. The most extreme case involved a customer who, just one month after starting up, contacted us due to higher water consumption and more rejections based on contaminations identified by the veterinary service compared to their old line.

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