Beef cleaning with added beef

Standard Undine® nozzles, turbo nozzles or custom made manifolds in beef production will results in more, better and cleaner products. Mixing pressurized air with the cleaning water gives it that extra beef. IWC delivers tailor made Undine® solutions for any slaughtering situation, in corporation with Calvatis, JohnsonDiversey and other firms.

Application of Undine® has clearly demonstrated the benefits of the system in a dozen different slaughtering houses.

Some examples, specifically for beef production

Slaughtering: Reduced water consumption of up to 65 percent and constant and better hygiene in head and tongue cleaning, rumen belt cleaning and bones belt cleaning.
Shackles: Constant cleaning quality while saving on labour cost due to Undine®.
Cooling: Undine® cuts drying losses of carcasses by 0.4-1.0%, increasing total sales by the same number. Meat and bones appear fresher after this treatment.
Deboning: Custom made spraybars clean the conveyor belts with guaranteed constant quality, while cutting down on water and labour expenses.
Crates: Crate washing can be done better and with up to 65 percent less water using Undine®.


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